5 Things to Know About ADA Compliant Signs

5 Things to Know About ADA Compliant Signs

5 Things to Know About ADA Compliant Signs

If you run a business in Cheyenne, Wyoming, then you should know about ADA compliant signs. In fact, if you run a business anywhere in the United States, you should know about ADA compliant signs. But the ADA compliant signs that are necessary will change depending upon which state and city your business is in, so it’s important to be specific. Here are five things to know about ADA compliant signs in Cheyenne.


ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act

The “ADA” in “ADA compliant signs” stands for, “Americans with Disabilities Act”. The ADA was a federal law passed in 1990 that that prohibits discrimination based on disability. It was amended in 2008 and it has inspired various state laws and city ordinances that reflect the spirit of the ADA. As a business, what does this mean to you? It means you have to make your business as accessible as possible to everybody who may want to frequent it. And includes your signage.


ADA Compliant Signs

A big part of navigating any business or building is reading the signage. But what if you can’t read the signs because your vision is impaired? The answer, usually is, braille. Having braille on your signs can make your business ADA compliant.


The Costs Of Not Being ADA Compliant

If you don’t have ADA compliant signs, what’s the downside? Well, for one, it could cost you up to $75,000 in fines. No business needs that. Furthermore, it can cost you customers. And a lot of them. There are over 2.5 million Americans who live with visual disabilities, and a fair number of them in Cheyenne and Wyoming. If you don’t have ADA compliant signs, you can’t get their business.


What Are The ADA Regulations In Cheyenne, Wyoming?

As mentioned earlier, every state has its own ADA laws in addition to the federal statutes. Many cities also have ADA bylaws and ordinances. Cheyenne is no different. Citing Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of CheyenneADA Policy and Grievance Procedure states that no business will discriminate against individuals with disabilities. This means that your Cheyenne business is legally obligated to provide ADA compliant signs in order to enhance the accessibility of your building, product, and services. And it is important to note that ADA sign requirements apply to all “permanent” interior spaces, including office or conference room doors, lobbies, elevators, restrooms, and any other areas that are intended for public or employee access.


Legal Requirements for ADA Compliant Signs

There are regulations you must follow in order to be ADA compliant. To meet these legal requirements, all ADA compliant signs must have:

  • Braille and/or raised characters
  • Non-glare finishes with contrasting colors
  • Characters in readable Sans Serif font, without excessive bolding, italicization, etc.
  • Uppercase lettering with minimum ⅛” spacing
  • Minimum 6” height field for all pictograms, with a 1” height field for braille/raised characters placed directly below the image.


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