5 Uses for Portable Signs

5 Uses for Portable Signs

5 Uses for Portable Signs

Many signs are affixed to a spot and the person or business who commissioned the sign has no intention of moving it around. But this is not true of all signs. Some signs need to be portable. When you need a portable sign it can be difficult to adjust your mindset and consider all the factors that make a sign good to move around. Furthermore, some people might need a sign but not consider portability when it would be a major asset for them. Here are five uses for portable signs.

1. To bring inside at night


Most portable signs don’t need to be moved around that much, but still need to be portable. A good example of this can be seen all over the sidewalks of Cheyenne. Many businesses like to place signs on the sidewalk or road outside their building. This is an especially popular practice among restaurants and bars so they can advertise the day’s specials, but any business can use these signs. The most popular type of sidewalk sign is an A-frame sign, which looks like an easel.

A-frame signs are usually wooden, plastic, or made of lightweight metal. They are double-sided so you can advertise in two different directions. The panels can be a traditional sign or can be a chalkboard or whiteboard so you can change the message on it as needed. These signs are easy to bring in at night when the business closes.

2. To use at trade shows


Trade shows are crucial to the success of many businesses in and around Cheyenne. But it can be hard to find success at trade shows. One thing that holds businesses back is a poor trade show display. You need to get noticed if you’re going to successfully show off your products or services. One key element of your trade show display is portability. It has to be lightweight and durable so you can bring it to and from the trade show. If you have a trade show coming up in Wyoming, you should carefully consider your portable sign options.

3. For conventions, concerts, festivals, and other events


Whether you’re in the business of organizing events or your business is a sponsor at an event or otherwise has a booth there, you need good portable signage. Durability is key here as such events can be rough on portable signs, especially if you go to a number of them around Wyoming. Portable signs that are easy to install are also key because you won’t necessarily have a lot of options of places to hang or affix your sign. Good portable signs might include horizontal banners, vertical banners, flags, and yard signs.

4. For seasonal or annual sales


Retail business in Cheyenne rely on having good sales events. Many of these businesses have recurring sales, e.g. back to school sales, Christmas/holiday sales, summer sales, etc. You can’t have your Halloween sale signs out in December and that’s why you need portable signs that are easy to move and store.

5. Real estate signs


Real estate signs are obviously not meant to be permanent. You need high quality, reusable, and portable real estate signs so you can move them from property to property as needed.

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