Blade (Projecting, Flag) Signs

Cheyenne Custom Blade (Projecting or Flag) Signs

Blade signs, also known as projecting or flag signs, project off your building’s exterior to face perpendicular to the flow of foot traffic. Most are double-sided in order to target people coming from both directions.


As such, blade signs are extremely effective for conveying your message and increasing visibility for passing vehicles and pedestrians alike. Being mounted above eye level, they remain visible even in crowded areas, and can be viewed from afar, unlike most ground-level signage.


Blade signs are one of the oldest types of signs, which makes them great for brands with rustic or artisanal character. But blade signs are timeless, equally at home and effective hanging from a modern yoga studio or an old-timey blacksmith’s shoppe. Nowadays, business owners can choose between standard and illuminated blade signs, and bring their unique vision to life with limitless design possibilities.


Though sufficient on their own, blade signs work best as part of a complete signage system. They complement wall signs and custom awnings particularly well. Together, these signs can catch the eyes of audiences from every direction.


Custom blade signs in Cheyenne, Wyoming


At Twin Trees Signs, all blade signs are custom-made to meet your unique specifications.


Upholding a small-town approach to customer service, we walk you through every step of our custom blade sign design process, with full support from ideation to installation. Our in-house team is made up of experts in design and local zoning laws, so we can help you choose the right size, colors, fonts, graphics, and mounting location.


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