Custom Floor Graphics: The Basics

Custom Floor Graphics: The Basics

Custom Floor Graphics: The Basics

Custom floor graphics are some of the most innovative and creatively versatile graphics you can use in your business or organization in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Custom floor graphics are inherently unorthodox because you don’t see them that often, which actually helps. Because we’re not used to seeing graphics on the floor, we will inevitably notice them. But on what surfaces can custom floor graphics be printed? What kind of graphics and messages are appropriate for the floor? Are they durable? Are they cost effective? Here are the basics of custom floor graphics.

Why the floor?

The first thought that many have when they are told about custom floor graphics is, “Why the floor?”. Well, why not? Why is a wall, a window, a ceiling, or a freestanding sign a better place for graphics than a floor? They aren’t; it all depends on your space and how you use it. Floor graphics are becoming increasingly popular and not just because people spend so much more time looking down at their phones now than they have before. It can be difficult to capture people’s attention in Cheyenne but floor graphics can’t be missed.

What can I use floor Graphics for?

For what purpose would you use custom floor graphics? What type of graphic or message is suitable to be displayed on the floor? The answer to that is anything you want, really. Some popular uses for custom floor graphics include:

  • Logos are a very common choice to install as part of a custom floor graphics. Eye-catching logos printed on sidewalks, parking lot floors, or anywhere else can help to create branded environments that promote your Cheyenne-area business or organization both indoors and outdoors.
  • Wayfinding floor graphics ensure your customers never got lost. You can use custom floor graphics to guide customers and guests through your store or event space, or help them navigate busy parking lots.
  • Custom floor graphics can be integrated into interactive “head-to-toe” marketing campaigns as part of a signage system. In this way, custom floor graphics can be used to promote sales campaigns, upcoming events, seasonal promotions, and more.
  • If you have a social networking marketingvent coming up, consider using custom floor graphics as part of your display. For example, if you’re hosting a big outdoor pop-up event or if you have a booth at an upcoming Cheyenne trade show, you can use custom floor graphics to bring attention to your booth or display.

On what surfaces can I print custom floor graphics?

Custom floor graphics are very versatile because they can be printed on a wide variety of floor surface types. Basically, any floor that is non-porous can be printed on. There are even advanced materials that are able to be applied on certain types of porous floors. Surfaces that really lend themselves well to custom floor graphics include: commercial tile, linoleum, sealed concrete, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. Custom floor graphics are made from vinyl with an adhesive backing, so they can be printed on floors both inside and outside. Furthermore, custom floor graphics are remarkably durable and are scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting marked up. Floor graphics are also slip resistant so that folks can walk on them even in rain and snow without fear of slipping.

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