How to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Sign

How to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Sign

How to Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate Sign

Signage is crucially important to realtors and real estate companies. Few businesses rely on physicals signs as much as real estate companies do. Even the most successful of commercial realtors have marketing strategies that rely heavily on real estate signs. All of this is to say, real estate signs are important. If you’re a realtor, you want to make sure you’re real estate sign is as good as it can possibly be because it can affect your business in hard to understand ways. Here is how you can get the most out of your real estate sign.


Uniformity is usually a good quality to have for a real estate signage system, so whenever possible, try to keep the same layout and color scheme for all of your real estate signs. They need to be recognizable as the same. That’s the whole point of a real estate sign. You want people to notice that you have a number of signs all over Cheyenne. Realtors are in one of the few industries that require you to have multiple copies of the same sign. If all of your real estate signs look completely different, how can they know unless they stop to read the name every time?

Having said that, commercial realtors can face challenges that housing realtors do not. Many housing realtors can count on their being a front lawn on which to place their real estate sign. Often, commercial businesses do not have nice big yards, so shop windows will have to suffice. This means your commercial real estate signs will be different sizes and shapes, but you can still keep the color scheme consistent.


Cheyenne, and all of Wyoming (except for the mountain peaks), experiences four distinct seasons. If your real estate signs are going to be outside, they’ll have to endure the winter winds, the spring rain, and the summer sun. In short, you need a real estate sign made of high quality materials by a reputable sign studio, not some cheap real estate sign that will blow away or come apart in the rain. Some of the more popular real estate sign materials are: aluminum, coroplast, dibond, and alumalite.

Types of real estate signs

You also have a number of options when it comes to the design of your real estate sign. For your real estate signage system you should consider:

  • A-frame sings – These real estate signs are easy to move, set-up, and to store. A-frame signs are a classic, sturdy, and convenient form of real estate sign. They can be placed in front of commercial real estate properties.
  • Sandwich boards – This type of real estate sign works great you need a sign on a sidewalk to really get your listing noticed. A sandwich board on the sidewalk or side of the road is perhaps the best way to capture foot traffic for your listing. This makes sandwich boards particularly popular for commercial real estate listings.
  • Free-standing flags – Movement catches the eye better than anything, so a real estate flag flapping elegantly in the breeze is a great tool to advertise your listing. But you need the right conditions, so standing flags are best used to supplement your real estate signage system.

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