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LED signs are some of the most effective and visually-appealing types of signage on the market today.


The benefits of LED signs include:


  • Exceptional visibility. When you need to convey an important message, LED signs’ exceptional visibility guarantees more impressions than traditional signage. LED signs are bright with brilliant color, even compared to neon lighting. They can even be seen in full daylight. LEDs also do not risk gas leakage, which means their lights won’t dim over time like neon signs.
  • Energy-efficiency. LED lights require much less energy compared to traditional lighting, which saves you money and gives back to the environment. They’re also low-heat compared to other illuminant media.
  • Long lifespans. LEDs outlast neon and fluorescent lighting, and last up to 25-times longer than incandescent bulbs. That means thousands of hours of display time and countless impressions generated before any maintenance is required.
  • LEDs are much lighter and more compact than neon sign alternatives. This makes them relatively easy to install, transport, and reposition.
  • With Twin Trees Signs’ custom LED sign design service, you can explore limitless marketing, branding, and wayfinding possibilities with animation, color changes, fading, moving messages, and flashing features.
  • Neon signs require dangerous high voltage systems to power them, and they generate a lot of heat. A malfunctioning neon sign, when not repaired in a timely manner, poses a sever fire hazard to your building. By contrast, LEDs are low-voltage and low-heat, significantly reducing both electrical shock and fire risks.


A number of LED sign options are available, including:


  • Monochrome LED signs
  • Tri-color LED signs
  • Full-color LED signs
  • Double-sided LED signs, and more


Custom LED signs in Cheyenne, Wyoming


The Twin Trees Signs team offers custom LED sign design services for your business. We help you select the best colors, layout, size, installation area, and sign type for your needs.


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