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Cheyenne Custom Open For Business Signs

Open for business signs are invaluable in the fight for foot traffic.


Believe it or not, having the lights on and people visible inside your business isn’t enough of a welcome for some customers. After all, nobody wants to blunder into a private function or get shooed away by staff handling after-hours duties.


If you aren’t displaying an “open for business” sign, you’re telling foot traffic to keep on walking.


Custom open for business signs in Cheyenne, Wyoming


There’s a lot that goes into designing an open-for-business sign, including:


  • Do you plan to incorporate your brand’s logo into your open for business sign? Or is this one small part of your complete storefront signage system? If you do intend to include the logo, how will it affect the overall layout of your sign? What size is appropriate?
  • Does your business operate at night or in a poorly lit area? If so, illumination is imperative. But if your business operates during the day or gets adequate illumination from streetlights, you can save money here. That said, some daytime businesses still opt for illumination to help catch the eyes of passersby. Neon and LED open for business signs are very popular.
  • Color scheme. Do you want your open for business sign colors to match your brand logo? Make sure you choose a scheme that creates a readable contrast between font and background.
  • Shape and size. How much space do you have to work with? Bigger isn’t always better–going overboard can reflect negatively on your brand, making your storefront seem a little overwrought.
  • Font choice says a lot about your brand. Together with color contrast and size, font choice is one of the most important factors when it comes to reliability, so choose wisely!


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