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In one study by Brigham Young University, point of purchase (POP) signs generated a 20% sales boost for business owners who invested in product displays. Even more impressive, regularly priced items with POP displays outperformed clearance-priced items without signs by 18%.


Clearly, point of purchase signs are effective. They capture customers’ attention and capitalize on impulse-buy behaviors.


Twin Trees Signs’ creates and installs point of purchase signage . You may have seen some of the following products:


  • Floor graphics are very popular in grocery store settings. A self-adhesive vinyl decal is placed on the floor to promote new products and sales. As an added bonus, floor graphics have a slip-resistant texture that makes your store just a little safer in the rainy and snowy months.
  • Banners add a regal touch to your point of purchase promotion. They’re easy to install, whether mounted on the wall or used as a makeshift table runner to display product.
  • Shelf cards and display cards call attention to items right on the shelves. They’re cheap and effective, and customers have been conditioned to look for these while they browse.
  • Ceiling-hung signs grab the customer’s attention and direct them towards specific products and aisles. Think of these as wayfinding point of purchase signs that lead the customer to your on-site display.
  • End-aisle displays advertise products at the ends of shelf rows. This option is popular in big mall, supermarkets, and department stores.


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