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Posters offer a number of advantages over traditional signage:


  • Posters are easily installed, taken down, and rolled up for transport, makin them ideal mobile marketing and trade show promotional tools.
  • Posters are extremely versatile, being both suitable for indoor and outdoor use and capable of conveying any message or promotional materials that may be required. Some readers may be surprised by the variety of poster materials available to them beyond the traditional paper option, such as foam board posters and synthetic materials made from flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers.
  • Posters are extremely affordable compared to other sign options. This makes them a great choice for your temporary and seasonal signage needs.
  • Posters require little space, making them perfect for tight quarters, or supplementing your overall signage system.


But deciding what to include on a poster isn’t easy. Your poster must grab attention and communicate your message, but space is limited and clutter is counterproductive. Choosing what to include and omit can be tough–and that’s assuming you already have a vision for the graphics, colors, fonts, shape, and size.


Don’t worry–the Twin Trees Signs team can help. Our talented in-house design experts will support you every step of the way, from ideation to installation. We combine big-city design capabilities with an intimate, small-town approach to customer care.


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