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Cheyenne Custom Projecting Business Signs

As their name suggests, projecting business signs project off your building at a perpendicular angle. When used in conjunction with forward-facing storefront signage, projecting business signs allow you to effectively target foot traffic coming from any direction.


Historically, projecting business signs were most popular in downtown areas and shopping centers, but nowadays businesses of all types recognize their powerful marketing capabilities.


Projecting business signs are particularly effective because of their prominent positioning. Typically mounted well above eye-level, projecting business signs are never obstructed by passing vehicles or pedestrians, so they never stop generating impressions for your brand.


Projecting business signs can also be illuminated, either internally via projection sign box, or externally using a variety of lighting components. This is essential for businesses that operate at night, as well as those that simply want to stand out from the competition.


Custom projecting business signs in Cheyenne, Wyoming


The Twin Trees Signs team is standing by to guide you through the design process. Informed by a small-town approach to customer care, our process prioritizes facetime with clients as we help you choose everything from color, font, graphics, layout, and size. We handle everything from ideation to installation, so you never have to worry about getting a premium sign on-time and on-budget.


First, you need to pick a shape. Though traditional square and rectangular sign boards work wonders, Twin Trees Signs offers custom shapes and designs so you can bring your unique vision to life.


Next, you choose which method to use to create your projecting business sign content. Popular options include:


  • Vinyl graphics
  • Printed vinyl decals
  • Acrylic lettering
  • Metal lettering
  • Illuminant media


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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