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Cheyenne Custom Sidewalk Signs & Graphics

Sidewalk signs and graphics are powerful tools in the fight for foot traffic. They allow business owners to transform unused outdoor spaces into promotional tools, branded environments, and navigational waypoints.


The term “sidewalk sign” refers to all kinds of temporary free-standing displays, including A-frames, swinging signs, message boards, chalkboard signs, and more.


Popular sidewalk sign options include:


  • Traditional folding A-frames are easy to store and setup, but tough for passersby to miss. They are commonly made from light and durable polyethylene, which can stand up to the harshest Wyoming weather, provided they are tied or weighed down. Metal options are also available.
  • Metal frame signs allow the user to insert posters and ad copies behind clear protective “lenses.” These signs offer slightly more protection than traditional A-frames, and you can reuse them for all kinds of advertising by simply swapping out the inserts.
  • T-base signs are double-sided displays mounted on a sturdy base formed into a T-shape. Springs support the sign frame and provide some give to prevent tipping in windy weather. Most use a PVC frame with a protective lens to protect the underlying graphics.


Sidewalk graphics are vinyl decals with an adhesive backing that will mount to a variety of indoor and outdoor floor surfaces, including asphalt, ceramic tile, and concrete. Sidewalk graphics also have a slip-resistant textured surface that stays safe even in wet conditions.


Custom sidewalk signs and graphics in Cheyenne, Wyoming


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