Flat Surface Graphics



Almost any flat surface can have an eye-catching graphic applied to it, and flat surface graphics are literally just that: graphics on flat surfaces. Places where these graphics are found include, but are not limited to:


  1. Door Graphics
  2. Elevator Graphics
  3. Floor Graphics
  4. Wall and Window Graphics
  5. Ceiling Graphics
  6. Conference tables
  7. Desks
  8. Vehicles


Door graphics are a fast, affordable, and effective tool for businesses looking to advertise both on-site and on the road.


Twin Trees Signs offers a variety of door graphics, including:


• Clear door signs display your brand’s logo and message on a top-quality 3.4 mil clear vinyl substrate. This option is perfect for obstruction-free installations on glass doors, enhancing your branding power without interfering with visibility. All clear door signs are available in custom shapes, sizes, and designs.

• Glass door decals are available in a variety of options, including vinyl decal film and static cling. They can be 2-sided, mounted inside the glass with front-side adhesive, and die-cut in a variety of ways. Glass door decals are also easily removed and repositioned.


Elevator Graphics


If your business is situated in a multi-level building, elevator graphics and wraps are a must.
Consider how many people use your building’s elevator every day, and how many collective hours they spend standing around waiting for the doors to open. Without elevators graphics and signs, you’re missing out on thousands of impressions every week–not to mention the potential advertising revenue.


Twin Trees Signs’ graphics and wraps let your business take advantage of “captive” audiences stuck waiting for elevators to arrive. Instead of staring at an empty wall or burying themselves in their mobile device, visitors will take in your brand message, laid out in vivid color and detail before their eyes. Alternately, you can sell the advertising space to others, thereby transforming blank walls into money-making assets.


Floor Graphics


Floor graphics are a stylish and creative way to convey your message to clients, customers, and guests in all kinds of settings. Made from vinyl with an adhesive backing, floor graphics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor options bond effortlessly to any non-porous flooring, such as commercial tile, linoleum, and sealed concrete. Outdoor options include sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics.


Floor graphics are both scratch and slip-resistant, so they can stand up to heavy foot traffic and keep your visitors safe, even in rainy or snowy weather.


Wall and Window Graphics


Sometimes called “decals,” wall and window graphics are designed primarily for indoor use, though special weather-resistant materials may be used to enable outdoor installations.
Wall and window graphics are extremely versatile. Custom images are printed directly onto an adhesive vinyl material that sticks to almost any surface. They’re equally useful for sprucing up spaces in the home, building branded environments, and promoting big deals all over your retail storefront.


At Twin Trees Signs, we use a low-tac adhesive, which allows the user to remove, reuse, and reposition the graphic over and over again without damaging the paint, drywall, or vinyl, or leaving any unsightly residue on window panes.


Wall and window graphics can be cut to shape and printed in any color. They also come in a wide range of sizes, so you can incorporate your graphics into a larger display, or use up the entire wall or window pane at once.


Ceiling Graphics


Ceiling graphics and signs allow you to transform unused space into a powerful promotional vehicle for your business.


Generally speaking, there are two options available for ceiling signage: decals and printed ceiling tiles. The latter is more permanent and labor-intensive, while the former is best for temporary. Ceiling graphic decals can be made with changeable materials that adhere firmly to smooth surfaces, and can be peeled off and reapplied as needed. They are also available in single-application vinyl options that work on flat and textured ceiling surfaces.


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