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Menu boards and displays are the first thing customers look for when they step into your restaurant, so it’s important that you get it right! The best menu boards and displays are prominent, easy to read, and uniquely yours.


Twin Trees Signs offers a variety of menu board and display options, including:


  • Menu letter boards. This classic wall-mounted menu comes with multiple sets of injection-molded plastic lettering that restaurant owners arrange to display the message and menu item of their choice. Menu letter boards are affordable, iconic, and highly effective!
  • Write-on menu boards feature a black, textured writing surface that can be written on using liquid chalk, wet-erase markers, and traditional stick chalk. Write-on menu boards are easy to update and alter, and they come available in a variety of styles and frame options.
  • LED boards light up your menu for unparalleled visibility, even at night and in restaurants that favor a twilight ambiance. LED boards use edge lighting to illuminate your handwritten or printed message, rather than backlit lettering. And if you really want your menu to grab visitors’ attention, LED frames can be set to flash or change color.LED boards are available in a number of display options, including A-frames, easels, countertop stands, wall mounts, and window-hanging fixtures.


Digital menu boards. Digital menu boards unlock all kinds of promotional power for your restaurant with an entire arsenal of dynamic features. The ability to play live video, display high-resolution images, and effortlessly update menu displays makes it easier than ever to engage audiences and enhance the overall restaurant experience.

Though digital menu boards demand a greater investment upfront, they are so easily updated that they quickly pay back their cost many times over. Digital menu boards have plug-and-play capabilities, so you simply insert a USB stick with the new pricing, promotional content, nutritional information, or menu items to play it on-screen.

Not sure how to do this, but menu boards are also applicable to other service industries. For example, a menu board of prices at a hair salon or an oil change garage. Any way to work this into the write-up?

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