Security Signs

Your property and employees are your most valuable business assets, and security signs help keep them safe.


Twin Trees Signs’ security signage helps businesses nationwide to:


  • Alert employees and visitors that they are being watched (“Security Cameras in Use” and “24 Hour Surveillance”)
  • Implement security policies (“No Soliciting,” “No Loitering,” and “No Trespassing”)
  • Deter crime (“Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted” and “Graffiti Prohibited By Law, Violators Will Be Prosecuted”)
  • Notification of firearms policies (“The Legal Use of Firearms is Allowed on this Property” or “No Firearms Allowed on This Property”)
  • Inform employees and visitors that the premises are being monitored via alarm systems (“Protected By Electronic Alarm Systems”)
  • Delineate the boundaries of private property and restricted areas (“Employees Only” and “No Authorized Personnel”)


Custom security signs in Cheyenne, Wyoming


If you need high-quality security signs for your business or property, Twin trees Signs can help.


Our talented in-house design experts produce custom-made signage of all types. Whether you’re looking to put the project on auto-pilot or just need a bit of helping bringing your detailed vision to life, our team is standing by to help.


But first you’ll need to decide on the size, shape, and materials.


Security signs come in a variety of shapes, including:


  • Octagon
  • Badge
  • Shield
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Rectangle


And if you’re not satisfied with these, we can die cut any custom shape for your needs.


Next, you’ll need to choose your material. Common selections include:


  • .020” Aluminum (Engineering-Grade reflective sheeting available)
  • .055” Non-Yellowing Polyurethane
  • .060” Polystyrene (Engineering-Grade reflective sheeting available)


To get started with your security sign design, call Twin Trees Signs now at 307-514-0235.

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