What Are Building Signs and What Do They Do?

What Are Building Signs and What Do They Do?

What Are Building Signs and What Do They Do?

A building sign announces your building and/or business to the world. For many, it will be the first impression that you make upon them. Building signs are important, so you need to get a good one. You need a building sign that looks good, communicates the information that it needs to communicate, and that is durable enough to withstand the elements. If you own or manage a building in Cheyenne that needs signage, you need to learn about building signs.


What are Building Signs?

Building signs are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Building signs are a type of exterior sign that are located on or near a building. Typically, they state the name of the building or the business(es) therein. Building signs are very common on school/college and university buildings, government buildings, corporate buildings, restaurants, medical practices, and many other types of businesses.

But building signs don’t have to just be the name of the building or the businesses within that building. Building signs can communicate a number of things, from the mundane to the profound. “Parking in Rear”, “No Loitering”, “No Soliciting”, or company or institutional mottos can all be placed on a building sign. It’s important to differentiate a building sign from a monument sign. A monument sign is a type of freestanding sign that identifies a building which is further away. Think of the signs that indicate businesses in a mini-mall that sit by the side of the road.


Building Signs in Cheyenne, WY

If you’re looking to get a building sign in the Cheyenne area of Wyoming, then there are couple of things you need to take into account. Building signs seem simple, and they are, but there are some keys to success you must follow if you are to have an effective building sign. Such keys include:

  • Eye-catching – You want to grab people’s attention if you’re to let them know who and where you are. This means big, bold fonts, eye-catching borders or design, and maybe even bright colours.
  • Stay on brand – Bright colors are eye-catching, but they don’t always communicate professionalism or gravitas. Bright colors, therefore, are not good for a law firm or a funeral home. Remember to stay on brand as much as possible with your building sign.
  • Durable – Cheyenne experiences all four seasons, so your building sign is going to have to be able to withstand all of them. You don’t want a building sign rusted from snow, moldy from the rain, battered by the wind, or sun bleached from the summer. You also don’t want it to simply fall down. But of course, nothing lasts forever, and you’ll have to replace your building sign eventually. Don’t procrastinate and let your building be represented by a ratty old sign.
  • Legibility- As important as all of these other factors are, none of them matter if your sign isn’t readable. Using a fancy, cursive font is counterproductive if people can’t make out what it says. People can get carried away with some ideas, but don’t lose sight of the fact that visibility and legibility are paramount.

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