What Can You Do With Wall Graphics?

What Can You Do With Wall Graphics?

What Can You Do With Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics are a very versatile style of graphic. They can be used for a multitude of purposes. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Walls are handy when it comes to signage because they usually offer a lot of free space on to which one can install a sign or graphic. Furthermore, provided there’s no furniture or product display in front of them, walls are often highly visible, so wall graphics have the opportunity to generate a lot of impressions. But what are the best uses of wall graphics? What can you do with them?

Directional Signage

Directional signs, also known as wayfinding signage, aren’t the most exciting type of signage that there is. But directional signs are important. People need to know how to navigate your space. If you run a retail store in Cheyenne with no wayfinding signage, your customers might become lost and frustrated in your store. Then they’ll leave and you’ll lose a sale. Directional signs can prevent that.

Walls are good places for directional signs because they can often be seen very well and there’s space for them. While a simple plaque that says “Restroom” with an arrow will work, why not get a little more creative? Use a graphic, either with the traditional symbols for man and woman or something more fun of your design, or the design of a sign studio. These creative, wall graphic versions of directional signs can make bars, restaurants, and innovative offices all the more enjoyable to be in.

Create An Atmosphere

Wall graphics are also handy for creating an atmosphere and setting a tone for your business, organization, or even your home, for that matter. Perhaps the best way to do this is with digitally printed wallpaper. This is not the kind of stuffy wallpaper that everybody seemed to love forty and fifty years ago. No, this is vibrant, vivacious, and vivid wallpaper. Using a digital printer, a sign studio can print a bold and beautiful scene on to your wallpaper. For example, if you run an Italian restaurant in Cheyenne, you probably want to do all you can to deliver an authentic Italian experience. Installing digitally printed wallpaper depicting the Roman Coliseum or a shot of Florence can really set the right mood for your patrons.

Motivate And Inspire

Wall graphics can be very impactful. With a large enough wall graphic, you can really get people’s attention and deliver a message. A floor-to-ceiling wall mural is big, bold, and makes a real statement. If you run an office in Cheyenne, you can install a wall mural to motivate your staff. A wall mural that really promotes unity and creativity can bring workers together and motivate them, especially in an open concept office. Outdoors, community centers and schools can use wall murals to promote fun, learning, and community togetherness. A pediatrician or dentist who sees many child patients can use a wall mural in their reception area to calm children down and distract them, otherwise they could be very nervous and upset.

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