What You Need to Know about ADA Compliant Signs in Cheyenne

What You Need to Know about ADA Compliant Signs in Cheyenne

What You Need to Know about ADA Compliant Signs in Cheyenne

One million is a big number. It’s also the estimated number of people who are legally blind in America as of 2015, according to the National Institutes of Health. And those are just the people who are legally blind; many more live with a visual disability of some kind. According to the National Federation for the Blind, there are over 14,500 people with a visual disability in Wyoming alone –that’s roughly 2.5% of the state’s entire population! No smart business person would close their business off from a segment of the population that large. And yet, that’s exactly what you’d be doing if you don’t have ADA compliant signs in your Wyoming business.

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ADA stands for “Americans with Disabilities Act”. This is a 1990 federal law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Since the initial federal bill was passed, a second federal bill has passed as well as many other state and municipal laws and regulations. Clearly, there are a lot of people who live with disabilities and it’s important that we make our businesses and establishments accessible to them. When it comes to signage, that means having plenty of ADA compliant signs in your Cheyenne business.

But what do ADA compliant signs look like? How are they special or different from any other sign? Well, first, ADA compliant signs aren’t a special set of signs for people with disabilities, they are the same signs you use for everything except they can be seen by people with disabilities; specifically visual disabilities. This means you must use big, bold, uncomplicated text that can be read by everybody. This ensures that folks with visual impairments can see the entrance and exit signs, the signs pointing to the restrooms, the signs for the fire escape, and so on.

However, some people have absolutely no vision or very little vision. For such people, you need to put braille on all relevant signage so they can read it properly. And, of course, you have to put all these ADA compliant signs in prominent places so that everybody can read it. This will open up your business to absolutely everybody and ensure nobody who wants to give you their business will be unable to do so.

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But having ADA compliant signs isn’t just a smart business move nor is it simply the moral thing to do. You may have noticed that the ADA was a bill passed by the federal government, so that makes it the law. If you don’t have ADA compliant signs you could be breaking the law and thus be levied a hefty fine. And no business needs that. However, keep in mind that ADA laws are different in different places. Because each state and municipality can have their own regulations, you need to work with a sign studio local to you who knows all the possible ADA laws and regulations that could apply to your business. You need a top quality sign studio in Cheyenne that not only knows all the relevant ADA laws but can also design and manufacture high class and effective signage for you.

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