What You Need to Know About LED Signs

What You Need to Know About LED Signs

What You Need to Know About LED Signs

LED signs have become incredibly popular in recent years. In many ways, LED signs are now the electronic sign to have for your Cheyenne business. They’re not the cheapest sign, but they often end up paying for themselves. Even still, LED signs can represent a significant investment for a business, especially a small business. So you need to know what you’re getting into, and if an LED sign is even the best choice for the purpose you have in mind. This article will go over what you need to know about LED signs.


LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. LED lights use a process called electroluminescence. LEDs have actually been around since 1962, but many of these LEDs emitted infrared light, mostly for remote controls. It’s only been relatively recently that LEDs have been able to take over the lighting and screen markets. LEDs have surged in popularity because they offer several advantages over incandescent light sources. LEDs use less energy, last longer, are more robust, are smaller, and can switch faster than incandescent light sources.

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No other sign can catch the eye quite like an LED sign. If your goal is to get the most visually appealing sign you possibly can for your Cheyenne-area business or organization, then you should definitely consider an LED sign. But what makes LED signs so visually appealing. What makes LED signs a worthwhile investment?

The LED’s visibility is unmatched in the world of signage. To get the kind of visibility that LED signs provide you with a static sign, you would need a gigantic sign and a clear day. LED signs are bright, brilliant, and colorful, even compared to neon signs. Furthermore, neon signs use gas which tends to leak out over time. This means as time progresses, the visibility gap between LED and neon signs will only increase.

The energy-efficiency of LEDs is also a great selling point. Over time, LED signs will save you more and more money because it costs considerably less to power LED signs. This is good for your checkbook, good for the environment, and good for safety because by being more efficient, they produce less heat, and are therefore less of a fire hazard. Neon signs, for example, require high voltage systems to power their illumination. This combination of high voltage and high heat means that a malfunctioning neon sign poses a significant safety risk and fire hazard. For this reason, LED signs can actually reduce insurance costs, as well.

Over the course of five years, an LED sign will remain brighter and more visible, use less energy, and pose less of a safety risk than neon or incandescent-illuminated signs. But that’s just over five years. LED signs will last longer than other types of illuminated signs, and as much as 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Ease of use
The efficiency of LED signs doesn’t only pertain to their efficient use of energy. They also efficiently use space; they’re quite small and lightweight. This makes them easier to move, install, and reposition than other illuminated signs.

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